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      Many times I wonder why we give so much importance to beauty, whether it is our own aesthetics, or art, architecture, fashion,… A great friend once told me that it was because it lifted us up from the earthly world, and in those I still wander… I love living in this era and seeing how walls of aesthetic oppression are demolished, from the wide pants, the sneakers to the multiple aesthetic options we can adopt but I am fascinated that the search for beauty continues stronger than ever with social networks and media over exposure.

      As a first article in this blog I would like to say that I think it is fantastic the decision that each person can make with their body hair, whether it is left to their own free will, to bleach it, shave it or remove it from the roots.

      We manufacture depilatory products and, within our possibilities, we try to design products that provide a satisfactory depilatory experience. And how can we achieve this? Through the massage of a preparatory lotion on the skin, the smells of our waxes, that the pull of the wax is worthwhile, the subsequent treatments so that in the end it remains that soft skin that we like to touch.

      We know that it is not possible to avoid the pain of pulling out a root hair, but we try that our products help to make the before and after pleasant and lasting.

      See you next time!