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      Cold wax strips were a best seller throughout the ages. In an easy and effective way you can remove body hair from any part quickly and cleanly.

      The last few years we have dedicated a large part of our R+D resources to the development of sustainable strips, which has led us to be mentioned as an innovative product in 2 prestigious international fairs in Amsterdam and Chicago, but above all, we are proud of our innovation in the market of sustainable products. Ecological, vegan, natural and sustainable hair removal strips for a consumer who is increasingly aware of the importance of “consuming green”.

      All this without backing down the development of wax formulas with the highest quality and the latest trends to give the best support to our customers in the sale of these products.

      Finally, the hair removal process is a process that requires further treatment to help soothe the skin and optionally a product that prepares the skin for a more efficient and less painful hair removal. We can package these treatments in sachets or single-use wipes, or in small bottles with enough product for several uses.